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Sunday, July 16, 2017

The Lust World: Chapter 15: "What about this Daisy I have read about,eh?"

The River restaurant at The Savoy Hotel at the time of our story

The latest episode of my erotic adventure story The Lust World can be found here.  Chapter notes can be found here.  

Although it is less than two weeks since I posted the previous Chapter it has already had more views than Chapter 11, which I posted in February.  Also my friend, S in Canada, insists I post Chapters more often or she loses track of the story!

There are three more chapters in Part 1 remaining and then we move location to Lord Hoxton's very debauched birthday party down in Hampshire for which my friend S has devised some scenes and activities so it will be debauched indeed.  So far I have published around one quarter of what I have written.  I look at each chapter again just before publication and add or subtract (usually add) scenes as I see fit.  Sometimes they have to be changed to fit with subsequent chapters as, rather like a film, I am not writing it in order but in around seven separate chunks which will, hopefully,  all join up in the end!

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