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Saturday, July 15, 2017

Balletic Venus revisted

About six years ago I posted a set of pictures of a ballerina in a lilac tutu.  I went to the ballet with a couple of ladies yesterday and, while looking for some nice naked dancers to post, found more than a dozen additional photographs from the set which I have now incorporated into the original post here


  1. Ooh! One does like a lady in a tutu!

  2. I have a beautiful ballet dancer as one of my regular life drawing models and she is as you say very flexible and graceful. She is going to do a dance based life session for us in leotards and tutu semi nude as in your photos, should be fun and quite a challenge!

    1. There was a TV show earlier in the year here where artists were given different sujbjcts to draw. One was of ballet dancers who they had to capture while they were in motion. T%hey found it really difficult!