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Sunday, August 7, 2016

Naked dating Venuses: Naked Attraction on Channel 4

I was having dinner with Agent DVD the other day and he was telling me about this new dating TV show on Channel 4, where the contestants are revealed bit by bit to the person selecting their date.  The twist being that the contestants are completely naked.  Now this isn't on some obscure satellite channel it's on Channel 4, on UK network TV, at 10.00 pm.  Channel 4 was, obviously, Britain's fourth TV channel, first broadcasting in 1982.  It is owned by the UK government (the Department for Media, Culture and Sport) although supported by advertising revenue.  It was supposed to cater to more minority tastes.

Basically, the idea behind Naked Attraction is that as so much of our attraction to others is physical why not remove all the barriers to assessing a potential partner by giving someone the chance to assess them naked.  Six people are hidden in boxes on set (which does make them look a bit like dolls on the shelves of Toys r Us).  The screen goes up a bit until they are revealed, naked up to the waist.  The person choosing then has to eliminate one based on the lower half of their body. Although there is an inevitable focus on sex organs and bottoms (they are sometimes asked to turn around) there has also been some concentration on things like a confident stance at this stage.

After this first round we get a screen full of sex organs while the contestant has to eliminate one person.  Some of the reasons have been bizarre; such as one girl being eliminated because her little toe looking like an ex-girlfriend's.

Next up, the screen is raised so their whole body other than their face ir revealed and another person is eliminated Then the face is revealed in the next stage and another one goes.  Finally, the contestants get a chance to say something about their bodies and a fourth one is eliminated. A recap of all six is given until only two remain.

There are two choosers per show and in the  first one we had a girl choosing from six men and then a bisexual girl choosing from three men and three women.  What we haven't had yet, but being Channel 4 I am sure we will, is a man choosing from thee men and three women, a man choosing from six men or a woman choosing from six women,

This lady chooser had a really nice Victorian shaped body.  Curvy!

Interestingly, the bisexual woman chose two women as her finalists but then the final man, who had looked promising up until then, was rejected as "the Jesus look" didn't do it for her.  We can see her point.  The twist before the last choice is that the person choosing then has to strip off as well before making her choice from the final two.

Oh and one of our pet hates was evident.  This is not a picture of a woman's vagina.  This part of the body was constantly referred to as the vagina in both programmes.  This is like calling your face your throat.  The vagina is internal  The external part is called the vulva.  You see this misuse a lot on IMDB's hilarious parents guide where repressed and shocked Americans write about all the rude bits you can see in films so that their teenage children will know exactly which films to watch.   It is just anatomically incorrect!

The show, of course, is dependent on how engaging the choosing person is and the man in the second episode was quite amusing, giving a little description of how he liked pussies where the labia stuck out.  This is something we haven't yet seen on any of the women, interestingly.  Are Channel 4, like Playboy did for some time, deliberately choosing girls with neat little slits and no protruding bits?

So what else have we learned after just two episodes?  Firstly, there are far, far too many people with really large, gross tattoos in Britain.  Episode 2's lady chooser was a lovely girl by any standards but those randomly placed tattoos were just awful.

When the last choice has been made the loser usually gets a hug from the chooser and the two finalists usually say goodbye to each other too.  Girl to boy has been contact for the top half with their lower halves being kept well away from each other.  Like in a naturist camp, no-one wants to get an erection, as that would be too much even for Channel 4!

The two girls were much more tactile with their goodbye hug, with their busts happily pressed against each other.  The two men went in for a polite if awkward handshake!

Needless to say the critics have savaged the programme for being pure exploitation and blaming its existence, inevitably, on the existence of porn (?).  While fluffy and inconsequential we think that it is important for one reason.  It displays on TV, almost uniquely, what real bodies of the general population look like.  While there are some quite fit looking people they have also included several people (men and women) who were, well, fat.  The women are not all busty and leggy.  Far from it, in fact. Hopefully, young people will watch it and realise that most people are not built like Chris Hemsworth or Kelly Rohrbach. One of the women in the first episode actually had armpit hair which she was very proud of.  Not much pubic hair on the women though, so far, apart from the latter girl.  It's doing well in the ratings so we will watch the next episode with interest (with our particular friend A who watched these two episodes with Triple P).


  1. Wow! Those are some brave people to go on TV and basically put themselves at risk of being voted off because their pussy isn't pretty enough! Brave, brave, brave.

    1. Totally self centred, I suspect...

    2. Yes, P is probably right about the kind of people who are willing to put themselves on a show like this. So as a social experiment kind of thing, it's flawed from the start because the average (non-narcissistic) person wouldn't be on the programme. However, I agree with P's comments about the ridiculous attitudes of the media over this show, and the vagina/vulva ignorance that abounds in society. Females have vaginas, but we only see the vulva (and labia of course).

      It's probably too early to judge the overall trends of the show, after only 2 episodes and 4 contestants (at least 3 of whom seemed especially self-centred), but I was intruiged by some of the what people found a turn-off, and how they responded to different body types and shapes. The prevalence of tattoos and shaved genital areas is either a depressing sign of modern society's fashion, or just a reflection of how a certain part of society (age/personality) wants to look nowadays. There have been criticisms that making the chooser also strip off once they'd narrowed their choices down to two was unnecessary, but in a way it made them as vulnerable as the people being viewed, and with the bi-sexual lady you could see that the response to her from the "buxom" girl helped her choose...the attraction was obvious. Would that have been there if the chooser hadn't also been naked? Moot point, I suppose....

      Overall, it was not a remotely offensive programme and the media continue to equate nudity (itself a harmless state) with pornography, which is ridiculous and incorrect. It is pure human nature to want to see the opposite sex (or the sex you are attracted to) without clothes on, and it is natural to be undressed as well. The camera did tend to linger on the genitals a little too much at times, but the array of different-looking figures and types of vulva/penis was more varied than I'd have expected. Which, as you say, is a positive thing.

  2. You would think this was the perfect opportunity for someone to trim their pubes into a question mark or a downward pointing arrow.

    Channel 4 was so ground-breaking when it started. It still occasionally remembers to be a little revolutionary but mostly seems to compete with Channel 5 for which boundaries to push.

  3. You know I have watched a few episodes and I didn't really find fault with anyone's body (In fact I found that aspect most creepy). What I really didn't like was all the tattoos and piercings. Not really a fan of Tatts me and piercings too for that matter. I think everyone who has gone on so far has been quite brave. I'd be too cawardly to get naked on national TV.

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